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Headphones are required to hear the full 3D and binaural beat effect.

Audio Serenity


Convergence for Enhanced Focus – Immersive Natural Soundscapes, Binaural Beat Technology, Binaural 3D Audio.

Convergence Binaural Audio for Focus – Beta / Alpha Level Brainwave Entrainment

The steady sound of rain is falling softly in the background. Turn this down low, and benefit from enhanced focus and creativity.

Convergence can help you to stay focused, alert and fight mental fatigue while working or studying.

Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Audio Serenity tracks are specifically engineered to help induce deep levels of meditation, focus or relaxation.

To produce these beautifully mastered collections we combine deeply immersive 3D natural sounds, soothing, ethereal music, and Binaural Beat Technology to provide an unforgettably relaxing, enhanced focus experience.

Headphones are required to experience the 3D sounds and benefits of the Binaural Beat Technology.