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Present Moment Awareness.

A Simple Step by Step Guide to Living in the Now.

By Shannon Duncan

As a striving entrepreneur, Shannon Duncan had always thought that money and success would bring him happiness. But when he retired a multimillionaire before the age of thirty and could buy almost any possession or experience he wanted, he realized that the source of happiness was definitely elsewhere. Through a series of realizations, brought about through self-exploration and study, Duncan realized that what he was really searching for was to feel good about himself, and thus feel safe and peaceful in the world. Once he gained the opportunity to realize what wouldn’t bring him peace, he began to understand that peace was always within him, underneath the turmoil, if only he would surrender enough to see it.

Duncan’s book, Present Moment Awareness, has garnered praise for its practical, down-to-earth advice for living in the present. Filled with easy, accessible anecdotes and exercises, Present Moment Awareness shows readers how they can drop their emotional baggage, calm their worries about the future, and start enjoying the peace and happiness that can only be found in the present moment. Through a series of simple but enlightening concepts, Duncan shows how we can discover the true causes of our stress and discontent, transform our emotions from rulers into advisors, and start enjoying our lives, right here and now.

“Buddha taught that one moment of total awareness is one moment of freedom and enlightenment. Present Moment Awareness clearly and succinctly provides us with authentic tools, exercises, reflections, and practices to access the awakened heart and mind inherent in us all.”

— Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within

“Shannon Duncan has taken major concepts from ancient traditions and modern psychology and distilled them into an easy to understand guide to awareness. His book makes these often nebulous and difficult to understand concepts available to anyone desiring personal and spiritual growth.”

 — Roger Jahnke, OMD, author of The Healer Within

“In the tradition of contemplative experience from all great sages, Shannon Duncan gives as primer for greater awareness in our lives…. To be who we are is the point of life. This book is wonderful help in achieving that goal.”

— Brother Wayne Teasdale, author of The Mystic Heart

“Like taking a mini-spiritual retreat, this exhilarating read, with doable exercises for challenging your beliefs, has you rediscovering yourself in the timelessness of the now. It sets you free to live the truly good life.”

— Marcella Bakur Weiner, Ph.D., author/editor of Psychotherapy and Religion: Many Paths, One Journey